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      Hi all:

      Has anyone had a “topograpy OU” done to their eyes? Anyone know
      what OU stands for? It is a procedure where they take about
      800-900 pictures of the eye from about a zillion angles. The idea
      is to get a complete picture of the eye and be able to map out
      the changes in the eye. My doctor recommended that I have one done.
      He said that this was a great way to map any Graves effects on the

      We made a deal. If I get this test, and my eyes don’t change in
      one year, he will do my laser surgery. My friends, I want to have
      laser so bad I can taste it. Last night I dropped my glasses onto
      the floor. Well, my floor and my glasses are approximately the
      same color. Ok, imagine this, I’m on my hands and knees, butt up
      in the air feeling around for the d*** things. It took me at
      least 5 minutes to find them! :-) Its funny today, but yesterday
      I was cussing like a storm.


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