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      Hi, Jan:

      I am not quite sure what you meant in your post about the foods we shouldn’t eat, taken from that Family Circle magazine. I know kelp is a complete no-no because of the huge quantities of iodine contained in a serving. You don’t have to take in much kelp to really overdo things. But after the “turnips” you had a parenthesis and said “eaten frequently or in large portions”. Did that just apply to turnips, or did it apply to carrots, cabbage etc., too? Also, did the article give any explanations as to WHY? If you still have that article could you check for me please? I raise the issue, for two reasons. One is that my endo is really good about relaying crucial info to me, and the only thing she has a complete “no” for is kelp, and she’s never mentioned the others. Secondly, there’s been some ballyhoo recently about plant sources of estrogen — I even found a book about using nutrition as estrogen replacement after menopause. BUT, I heard a doctor responding to this question, and his comment was that there is still a lot of debate about it and so far it looks like you have to eat these plants in HUGE portions in order to get any type of significant estrogen results. A nutritionist I heard speak recently made the same type of comment about plant sources for calcium. So I was wondering why the foods mentioned vis-a-vis thyroid would be any different.


      Bobbi —

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