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      I just wanted to let everyone know about an article I
      ran across in the latest issue of Walking magazine
      concerning thyroid diseases. It’s about two pages
      and does a good job (IMHO) of explaining it all.
      Apparently the author actually talked to several
      docs at the Thyroid Foundation of Am. If anyone
      is trying to explain GD in lay terms to family/
      friends etc. You might let them read this article.
      I believe it is the Jan. 1998 issue (I don’t have it
      with me right now). You’ll know it by the headline
      at the top of the cover. It reads “Overweight? Could
      it be your Thyroid?” While this made me originally
      think it was going to be a hypo only article, they
      covered GD/hyper too.

      All the best,
      Sheila H.

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