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      That’s terrific news, Claudia, and I hope you stick around to continue to give moral support from time to time. It’s important for everybody to realize that the treatments DO work. And that message doesn’t always come across when the only one’s posting are the ones who are still battling problems.

      That said, I should probably add my bit about the aftermath of RAI. I had it the week before Thanksgiving, 1996, and have been feeling good for about a month now. This past week my energy and sleep patterns are very much like they were pre-Graves. I spent the morning digging in the garden, lugging sacks of mulch, etc. and am realizing just how much better I am physically, for the first time since last July. It’s a good feeling.


        Post count: 93172

        Hi everyone!

        I think it’s a good sign when we don’t hear from someone in a while (like me). It may mean that person is doing very well (like me)! I think it’s important to report back to this board to those who are just diagnosed and to those who helped me so much when I first started out that most people respond well to treatment. It’s so easy to get frightened and discouraged at the beginning. Yes, it takes a while, but MOST people do get well!
        My free T-4 was at 3.32 (normal range: .8 – 1.8) at the time of diagnosis 11-6-96. My thyroid scan showed a 69% uptake (normal is 20%). I have no eye involvement.
        I had RAI 11/27/96. One month later – 12/30/96, my T-4 level had dropped to 2.88. I was feeling better, but not much. However, I noticed a dramatic improvement in how I felt between weeks 4 and 6 following RAI. On 1/31/97 my T-4 had dropped to 1.96, very close to within the normal range. And that’s how I feel – normal! Normal muscle tone, energy levels, sleep patterns, heart beat, emotions, skin, hair, etc.
        Also, wanted to share a couple of informative web sites:

        There is a search page in the Family Practice Handbook that you can find by messing around within site 1. It’s a good bookmark for future reference.

        Thanks to all who helped me!

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