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      I know doctor-bashing isn’t allowed here, not sure about FDA-bashing, perhaps Jake will enlighten us. But apparently this treatment is still in experimental stages, and not yet ready for prime time in other countries also? At least that is what I have gathered from your posts so far. According to what I found, there are have been studies in the US too.

        Post count: 93172

        The theory behind the cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen mix is that excess cortisol can cause hormonal imbalance both in men and women, and therefore longterm exposure to physical and mental stress inturn causes constant cortisol release. Now please remember that this is still gene related, therefore you must have a disposition to have the Grave’s “turned on”.
        The study found that testosterone is a “immunostimulator” and it goes very deep into speeking on how steroid receptors play a major rule in body metabolism.
        The Book ends the chapter on a very important note “Pharmacologically modified sex hormones may be used as immunomudulators and hence may be of potential therapeutic benefit.” This said alot to me!
        As far as treatment in England goes, it was “research” oriented, as anabolics are stirctly governed there also.
        Oh and to clarify, the FDA isn’t waiting for the numbers to increase, the FDA won’t approve it because THERE ARE TOO MANY who could benefit from this. This doesn’t make sense to you, does it? Let me explain. The FDA does not want to make it legal to get steroids for the following treatments: lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, bone disease, pituitary adenomas, breast cancer, neoplasia, brain tumors, etc. They don’t want an excuse for abuse. It comes down to they can’t police the steroids so they take them off the market. The AIDS community pulled a miracle when they got the FDA to allow certain steroid to be used for wasting syndrome. But the biggest thing is the politics. The steroids that are legalized here, are manufactured here, and are hence the most expensive. Is the FDA trying to stimulate economic stability at the cost of us? Not to mention that the steroids that are approved here are the most dangerous! Things just don’t add up when you start to dig like I have.
        The prefered drug for AIDS treatment, testosterone replacement, and this is illegal here, but yet it is considered to be the safest of all the anabolic steroids. Does this make sense?
        Doctors don’t know about this because they chose not to know about it…when a government entity makes you document each of your anabolic prescriptions and send a monthly report to them, and if it is too much they come banging on your door, you start to want to avoid the substance completely. Half the endocrinologist I talked to didn’t now the difference between some of the steroids, and hormones are supposedly their specialty. The Federal Government has made them scared of it.
        I don’t know if I answered all the questions but I’ll post again soon.

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