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      I am not a sentimental person. I really can’t remember the last time I shed a tear. It is not something I chose, it something that was bred in me. I do not usually portray myself as being sentimental on this BB, but rather try to help. Others on this BB are better at offering a kind word- for me that is difficult. I try to stick to being helpful with info and such.
      In 1991 I tried out and made the cut for a relatively unknown but very elite special forces unit of the Air Force called “ParaRescue.” Basically this force is designed to enter pre-warfare theater areas and secure foundation for a central medical rescue unit. The force is also responsible for after-warfare “clean-up.”
      My training included underwater rescue techniques that involved drowning me till I was dead and reviving me. I had this done three times. This is done in an effort to familiarize myself with the feeling of death, so that I can do my mission, and complete it even if I am on the verge or going to die. At times, a unit member must swim a life rescuing aparatis to a submerged vehicle even though he knows that he will die. He must be able to complete his mission, but if he is unfamiliar with the feelings one has before they die, than perhaps he will fail halfway down. Many have gave their life this way. This is sick, but is truly necessary for the safety of every unit member. What is not necessary is placing the unit in the situation in the first place to have to use this. What is sicker is that some of these men are never given the recognition- but this is required for the security of the nation, ‘I suppose’.
      My training also included airborne training and medical training. I spent about 8 months total working in several medical clinics abroad (I have tons of connections), mostly emergency units specificly taylored to my type of training requirement. I was involved in Scott O’grady’s rescue, rescue efforts at the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in OKC, Bosnia Medical Reserves, and Desert Shield, Storm, and Calm. I spent several of my nights without anyone around, but I was never alone. I always had the stars that God gave me in the sky to keep me company, and His love.
      In May of this year I had an airborne training accident related to an onset of Grave’s disease, and almost died. I was taken to the hospital and spent several days there while I recovered and was diagnosed. I was put on treatment, and was put on sick leave. I have now lost my position in the Forces. This was my life, whether it was great or not; it was all I really knew. I now have been given a National Guard slot as a computer analyst. This is great, but no substitute. I hope to someday recover my Forces position.
      I was trained not to have emotions. I have a difficult time changing that, but I will eventually. I am quickly angered, and perhaps all have seen this. But I respect each individual. I have seen races and cultures first hand, and I have absolutely no prejudices.
      I may never come across as “understanding” or “caring” but believe that I do have these feelings. My first response, whether instinct or training, is to offer help, not emotional support. For this I appologize.

      I hope that all have a wonderful Holiday season! That is my Holiday Wich for all of you.

      SSgt., Air National Guard, United States Air Force

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