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      Well Warriors,

      There was a challenge issued to me last night on the Wed night CHAT. It
      was an interesting challenge that I will consider. Those of you who have
      never met me do not know that I am growing my hair long so I may braid it
      of the Pow Wow season. It is in a long pony tail right now but when Pow
      Wow season hits and I put on my ribbon shirt and put my hair in hair wraps
      I am ready to Dance!!!! Jen, Lynn, Michelle, Cindy and other instigators
      challenged me to shave my head at the NGDF convention next year if they raised
      enough money for the NGDF. A kinder, gentler removal of my hair whilst I
      get to keep my scalp.

      Now I will do most anything to help out the NGDF including loosing my locks
      for a good cause. Now I need to figure out how much my shaved pate is worth.
      I will also issue a reward if you will. Once a dollar amount is determined
      the person who raises the most money gets to do the cutting and shaving
      of my hair. I will take suggestions as to a dollar amount but believe me
      it has to be worth making the world look at ol Jake with a shaved head.

      Even a snake gets to keep his scales when he sheds and ol Achgook will be bald
      as a fresh cucumber (not one that has been in the fridge cause it tends to
      get hairy in the crisper until you remember it). It has to be woth the NGDF’s while.

      Think about it and get back to me.

      Jake (Achgook, snake in Lanapi)

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