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      Thanks Denise, your dictionary made my day. Laughter is wonderful medicine.

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        Good Morning Warriors,

        Thought I would share Anti-body-this with you!

        Antibody- against everyone
        Artery- study of paintings
        Bacteria- back door to a cafeteria
        Barium- what to do when treatment fails
        Cardiology-advanced study of poker playing
        Cat scan- Searching for ones lost kitty
        Dilate- to live long
        Enema- not a friend
        Fester- quicker
        Genes- Blue denim slacks
        Hangnail- Coathook
        Hormones- what a prostitute does when she does not get paid
        Inpatient- tired of waiting
        Minor operation-coal digging
        Nitrate- cheaper than the day rate
        Node-was aware of organic organ repairman
        Outpatient- person who has fainted
        Paralyze-two-far fetched stories
        Pharmacist- person who makes a living deealing in agriculture
        Post-operative- letter carrier
        Protein- in favor of young people
        Recovery room- place to upholster furniture
        Tablet- a small table
        Urine- opposite of you are out
        Varicose- nearby
        Vein- Conceited

        Have a great day!

        Staff- a doctor’s cane

          Post count: 93172

          Hi DEE,
          Just catching up on last weeks and this weeks posts
          and read your little belly-buster! Thanks for the laugh!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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