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      I lost over 40lbs due to my grave’s and desperately sought to find a doctor willing to put me on therapy to regain my wweight while I was still hyperthyroid.
      I located a doctor in Texas who speciallized in the prescription of anabolic steroids for muscle wasting due to diseases. He was very helpful but informed me that the FDA had not approved the use with grave’s disease.
      But he put me in contact with another, and that one put me incontact with another and so on…I finally got in touch with a Dr. “” (I’m not going to post names here) who wrote a book called “Steroid receptors and disease” which can be found at your local college library. I found out that steroid treatment had been researched for treatment of autoimmune diseases.
      It was found that cortisol, a stress-steroid hormone, was a direct cause of autoimmune diseases, and the effect of cortisol was propelled by a low testosterone to estrogen relationship in the human body- testosterone counteracts the effects of cortisol on the body.
      The doctors (approximately 100) in this book found that the administration of testosterone spontaneously remitted the autoimmune disease in approximately 80% of the patients, and in some cases caused a perminent cure!
      Anyway, this book was published in the shadow of the FDA/DEA’s Anabolic Steroid ACT of 1988, and the research that was so important to people who had autoimmune diseases was SUPRESSED. The book publication was delayed for 3 years, until a small group of rheumatoid arthritis patients pushed for its publication. However, the FDA refused to approve the use in treatment for autoimmune disease patients,
      because they would have to approve it for approximately 15% of the population, and they just won’t do that.
      This doctor put me intouch with a doctor from the University of Sheffied in England who speciallizes in the treatment of autoimmune diseases with a mild testosterone based steroid called testosterone undecanoate. He has a 80% spontaneous (under 4week) remission rate with autoimmune thyroiditis, and even a higher rate with rheumatoid arthritis.
      Anyway, he saw me, I was treated for 2weeks in his presense, have returned and am continuing treatment. I stopped my antithyroid drug two weeks ago, and my heart rate is still 62, my latest T3 is well within range!
      Ironically, the book contains over 100 different disease that androgens (male hormones) were found to cure or remit.

      I will keep everybody uptake as to my progress.
      By the way, this has cost me a lot of money.

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        Ron, thank you for sharing your treatment with us. I hope this works for you. From my own experience too, I wonder if our treatment and research options are in England. The bottom line is there are US citizens suffering with a disease and the FDA won’t approve options for us because the numbers are not high enough! I have seen this with other diseases too. It is very sad that people suffer because a quota is not met by the FDA. I think MAJOR REFORM is needed. Once again Ron, best of luck to you and keep us posted!

        Peace and happiness,

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          Thank you for the detailed information regarding your treatment. Just a couple
          questions: Is the weight gain controllable (i.e., what if you don’t want to gain
          too much), and have anabolic steroids been tried for women with GD? I don’t
          know much about these drugs, other than the fact that all those weight lifters
          and football players were taking them! I’m interested in ANYTHING that might
          help with our crazy disease.



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            Please do keep us updated. I’m finding this all very interesting. I did a few searches and came up with some references all of which support what you’ve said about steroids. The one thing I am wondering is the doctor who treated you engaged in research or is this approved treatment in the UK? If so, why don’t any of the Brits who post here and on the other thyroid groups seem to be aware of this treatment?


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