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      I’m 3 weeks post RAI and already having “low” symptoms i.e. cold, tired, constipated. Not too bad,though. I still work and play and feel ok most of the time. I know that I am a “quick” dropper because I responded real quickly to the ATD’s. Everyone is different in their response time I guess. Anyway just wanted to let people know that want real life experiences what is has been like for me. I only have a real short amount of experience to share with others. That is why I do not answer a lot of messages on the BB. I know what it is like to post a message and not have a response, but I have had good responses to most of my messages. I try not to take it too personally. Please don’t give up on the BB if you don’t get an answer to every post. Just ask again. My issues and experiences are not the same as others–I try to answer the ones I feel that I can help.

      Also, my blood test that I took 2 weeks post RAI showed low Magnesium levels. Anyone share this experience? Does this have anything to do with anything? I do take several vitamins and minerals every day, including magnesium.

      Anyway, take care all. Thanks for support.

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