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      My OB is asking whether or not I want a flu shot. I’ve ALWAYS refused in the past, even prior to my Dx of GD 5 years ago. I’m on MMI (5 mg) and will be 26 weeks pregnant with my second daughter the next time I see her. I’ve searched the forum and it seems that doctors haven’t reached a definitive answer on whether those with GD/autoimmune diseases should receive a flu shot. But what about those of us who are pregnant, during flu season, who already have a 16 month old (and work on a germ-infested college campus with college students!)?? Should we receive one?

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        I have never seen anything in the scientific literature about Graves disease as a contraindication to getting a flu shot, nor have any of my doctors mentioned this. I have had Graves for three years and get a flu shot every year. I would think any risk during pregnancy would be the same for any nonGraves pregnant woman.

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          I’ve heard that people with Graves’ (or maybe it was all autoimmune diseases?) should avoid the nasal vaccine, but the shot is fine. I always get a flu shot. Several years ago, I had such a bad case of the flu that I never want to risk that again.

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            Hello – That is a good question…you might see if you can find a high risk OB/GYN in your area who could provide some additional info.

            As emmtee said, I’ve seen warnings against getting a live vaccine for patients on methimazole, but aside from that, the docs I’ve spoken with do advocate getting a flu shot.

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