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      far out

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        Just checking in. (Decided to use Xena since I see we have another
        Juls and have had Julies.) Do not dispare all you patient warriors.
        Just got my first normal TSH since RAI in 10/94. Just had one doctor
        say that they were not surprised that it took so long.
        Some have waited *much* longer.

        Eyes are stable at 21(l) and 16 (right is normal). Prisms fixed
        the double vision though within the past two months the left eye
        is turning up slightly (whopper eye aches but without more double

        Best to all,

        Xena (Julie Jones)

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          Thanks to all of you for responding to my questions. Jake, I think you are right, I should just take a couple days off to relax. I also wanted to tell you that my eyes arent buggy, just real puffy eyelids. Do any of you have a problem with puffy eyes and fluid retention? I cant wear any of my rings. I may go get my wedding ring enlarged, I havent worn it for months! While off the meds before RAI, what did you feel like? I’m just nervous I guess. I’ll be on line Wed night for the chat session for the first time, hope to see you there!

          Thanks again,

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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