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      Hello All! I am also a GD patient. Wish I’d found this great bulletin
      board when I was diagnosed!

      I’ve been through all the hyper symptoms, took the RAI, went hypo 8
      weeks later, and have been on replacement Synthroid for over a year now.
      My levels have been “normal” for over 6 months.

      My question is: If all the tests say I’m normal, then why don’t I FEEL
      “normal”?? I feel like I’ve been semi-sick for 2 years now.. first the
      hyper stuff, then the hypo stuff, and now just generally crappy feeling.
      Almost like mildly hypo, but all the labs are normal. I am a mom, with
      a husband and job, and hobbies…I really don’t have time to feel like
      this! Every day, my wish is I could feel “UP”!

      Any info? What about the Armour/Thyrolar drugs instead of Synthroid?

      Thanks. I’ll try to get on the chat tonight….M

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