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    Hello – We’re fellow patients and aren’t allowed to interpret labs, but here is some general info that will hopefully be of interest.

    TPOab and TGab are “markers” for autoimmune thyroid disease. They are very common in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, but a certain percentage of Graves’ patients (even those who do not have HT) test positive for them.

    I would really encourage you to get a hard copy of your labs, so you can see where your levels are compared to the lab’s “normal” reference ranges – and keep track of them over time. Different labs can use different “normal” ranges, so the actual numbers are only useful in the context of your specific lab’s range. Are your levels right in the middle? At the upper end? The lower end?

    How are you feeling? Symptoms of hypOthyroidism can include can include fatigue, joint pain, unexplained weight gain, constipation, dry skin, cold intolerance, and slow pulse.