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    Hi Kim3498,

    Yes! IME Graves changes SO MUCH about your personality and mood.

    I spent 8 years on the crazy train before finally getting a thyroidectomy and reclaiming my life.

    I don’t have any easy advice for you or your hubby, unfortunately. I was a real #@%*! when I had raging Graves’. There was no reasoning with me.

    When Graves’ is active and antibodies are high, sometimes you want to climb out of your skin. A constant level of indescribable stress on the body. Anxiety, anger and depression were common daily, sometimes hourly for me before I finally had surgery. You just kind of go numb to how you act and sound. When you’re mad…you’re MAD. Emotions are magnified to sometimes ridiculous proportions….and you don’t even realize it.

    At least in my case.

    Graves’ caused me to quit great jobs over small stresses. Destroy friendships over stupid squabbles and hurt loved ones, all justified and perfectly valid to my Graves’ brain. Lot’s of humility and burned bridges from that time in my life.

    It’s a shame the psychological side of this disease is not recognized or openly discussed in the medical profession more. Some people like me have a really hard go at it. There is hope though.

    Treatment for Graves’ works. I hope he is on meds and taking them. His body is being ravaged inside and it will take time to calm down.

    If possible, make sure he keeps up with the counselor visits. Just to get through the present moments. It does not have to be anything long term.

    Meditation helped me 1000x more than Valium. So if he is open to alternatives to drugs, I strongly recommend meditation. It’s a moment of stillness in the chaos. It could help you too in coping with your situation. We all need a break, a moment of quiet to center and focus.

    Surgery was eventually the end choice for me and I came back to Earth a better man. Which is good…..because I had 8 years worth of amends to make to the people I love.

    Keep us posted,