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    Once my hyperthyroidism was resolved with thyroidectomy, I have had no BP issues. However, long before Graves, I had two benign issues that affected my BP. White Coat Syndrome, where the minute you hit the doctors office your BP goes up. This is resolved by not having it checked in doctors office, or if you do, do it toward end of visit not at beginning. On the other end, I have postprandial hypoglycemia. I drink no sodas or juices, no waffles, syrup, etc because two hours after ingesting a sugar load, my glucose plummets making me dizzy and BP drops. Also, stress of any kind raises BP but I got my BP down to 100/60 in dentists office awaiting a tooth extraction by doing yoga breathing! So there is a rather significant mind/body component.

    So if your thyroid hormone levels are in range, there should be no BP issues related to Graves.