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    I had a total thyroidectomy 6 months after Graves diagnosis (5 years ago). The eye disease began after two months on methimazole and I elected TT to try to stop progression. The surgery was easy and I immediately felt normal. My levothyroxine dose was pretty close right after surgery and has not changed much since then. The eye disease did burn out pretty rapidly post thyroid removal but a lot of damage had already occurred. I wish I had had the surgery even sooner than I did. I feel exactly as I did preGraves, except for the residual eye issues. I take one little pill every morning, wait an hour before eating and get my TSH checked every six months to a year by my internist. No worries about thyroid cancer or liver problems or thyroid storm or fluctuating and frequent labs. If you have Graves disease, your thyroid has been attacked and is diseased. You can do just fine without it.