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    @mollypop43 – I would also disagree with Harpy’s “no benefit” comment, and would encourage you to read the thoughtful replies from Shirley and Laurel.

    The “Treatment Options” thread in the announcement section of the forum has two great links that go over the pros and cons of *all* three options. The second link (the one from the American Thyroid Assoc. & American Assoc. of Clinical Endocrinologists) goes through some of the values that might make patients prefer one treatment option over another.

    There are members of this forum who have been very happy with their treatment choice, regardless of whether that choice was ATDs, RAI, or Surgery. We have also had members who had bad experiences with each of these treatment options.

    I have been on ATDs for 5 1/2 years, and I am still mostly happy with that choice. (My antibodies are still raging, so stopping the meds is not an option). I am not ready to roll the dice and see if I might end up feeling *better* or *worse* with one of the other treatment options. However, the biggest down side for me has been frequent endo visits to adjust dosing, particularly during periods of stress. When things are fluctuating, I need labs and office visits about every two months, all of which comes out of pocket, as my insurance company won’t cover anything Graves’-related.

    The bottom line is that it’s important to consult with your doctor, research from credible sources, and make the decision that is right for *you*.