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Dear Denise,
talking about all these emotions and moods – I
had been very near to edge, crying very easily
whenever my thyrod hormones are at their worst.
But although I am still taking pills, I fell
I am rather healthy. I have always been
tempramentall, but I have to admit every
argument I get into upsets me and ends up in my
raising my voice more than I like afterwards and
feeling more angry than I could wish for
(especially if it concerns people I work with).
There were comments regarding this article that
we can’t blame Graves for everything, but how to
find out what is you and what is it doing to you ?
Are emotions conected to the level of our thyroid
hormones or is it something that come with Graves,
like the eye problems do, and does not leave
again? How do other people experience their
emotions, when are they at their worst?
Its great having the chance to talk to people and
read everybodys comments – thanks !