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    I was not treated for Graves in Germany. I came down with
    it after I moved to Florida. And yes I found Germany very beautiful.
    I would love to go back to live for a few years again. We lived in
    Waldorf, Hessen outside Frankfurt. Now about Graves. It is up to the
    Doctors and your thyroid levels how long they go between treatments.
    Some people do get better after they have been on the pills for a year
    or so but it is not 50% here. PTU has the side effects of lowering your
    white blood cell count and can damage your internal organs if taken to
    long. The Atomic cocktail is radioactive iodine and it kills the thyroid
    or a portion of it. If done right enough is left to make for a normal
    life and you do not need to take any additional medicine. If you take to
    much or to little they have to give you replacment thyroid or do the cocktail
    again. There are other durgs used here to slow down the thyroid other than
    PTU but they are not in popular use and I don’t know what they are. Keep in
    touch and mayby when we get the CHAT room up and running you can get on-line
    with us if the time difference is right for you.
    Jake George :-)