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    Dear Kathy, Thanks for your story, but I have to admit I’m scared of this weight gain once I get to hypo. I’m still hyper and I started into this mess over-weight. I just can’t gain more weight!! My eyes are driving me crazy, too…and my get up and go seems to have got up and left me, too…makes for depression, inertia and feeling like you’re even crazier than you know you are…the moody blues and crying jags kind of puts you in isolation with yourself…Boy, I really can get on the self-pity pot…but I’m also a fighter who still hopes to feel better soon!?? I imagine since our bodies are used to running on high amp, when we become hypo I bet exercise is the ticket…Now, how to get motivated to do these exercises…that’s another problem….You’re not alone. Hang in there and keep up the faith and hope and fighting spirit.