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    Hi! Glad to hear you were pleased with your new endo. I still think
    a female doctor is the way to go with this disease. I never in my life
    would have thought my preference would have been a female but now I know.
    Maybe not for everything but definately for things involving emotions.
    I think they can relate better.

    Hope your bloodwork comes back OK. I hate going for those tests! I’m
    black and blue for a week afterwards and I have descent veins! I know
    what you’re saying about it being difficult for you with your veins, my
    sisters’ collapse when they try to draw blood, the end up taking it out
    of her foot! Now that’s not fun!

    I can’t wait for the chat room! This group has been such a life saver.
    I hunger for the knowledge I get from here.

    Please stay in touch and let me know how you make out, I care.

    Feel free to E-mail me.