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    I’m sorry, Jake, you still have hard times from Graves’, and want you to know how much I appreciate your sharing of yourself and your time on this BB! I’m ready to chat when we get our passwords, and am looking forward to talking to you and everyone there!

    I’ve had a difficult week too. . .maybe it’s in the air. I’m more and more hypo every day, and my next endo appointment isn’t for 2 weeks. . .I’m calling tomorrow anyway, and hopefully he’ll check my TSH again to see if it has come awake so they can start me on synthyroid. Work has been ten hour days under job evaluation (supervisors every minute writing down what we’re doing), with some heavy changes in our work methods. Yesterday I was on the edge of “losing it”, whatever that would mean. . .I told my supervisor that (in a voice shaking and nearly in tears). I’m in no condition for this kind of week! I’m exhausted and mentally foggy and have weak muscles and weak emotions! The fatigue is like in illness, without specifically being ill. My head aches and no analgesics will touch it. There’s absolutely no understanding at work. I would have to call in sick to get any relief on the job.

    For those of you who’ve just had the I-131, you perhaps have this to look forward to. Hopefully by then, I’ll be on the mend. Rachel, since we got nuked approximately the same time but you responded a bit faster, I’m right behind you, and I understand now what you were so unhappy about! Now I hear your up/down experience of the replacement and regulation phase and know what is next. You’re a dear one, Rachel!

    These are my two favorite Graves’ links on the internet, for those new to Graves’ Disease who are interested:
    Both of these locations have lots of links to information.
    Talk to you all in the chat room!