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    Sorry it’s your turn for a “boulder” of a day. Mine was yesterday, and I think I’m having more than my share of them lately. Sometimes I wonder what for, and then I look at my new granddaughter (she’s 3 months old) and is just wonderful and I know I wouldn’t want to give up watching her grow up. I haven’t really felt “good” since before my surgery last June and I know that I don’t feel like my old self. I don’t think that I’ll ever get to that point again, but I’m working on it. It’s hard to be cheerful when you don’t feel like it and it’s great to be able to vent somewhere where there are others who understand your feelings. You’ve been a great help to me and I know others feel the same way. Hang in there! Today’ll be over soon and then you can work on tomorrow, one step at a time.

    Thanks for all your support.