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Hi Richard, I too, had an accident,on Nov.21/95, cervicalspine surgery
3/27/96, May9/96 Graves disease showed up on my doorstep. Never had a symptoms
before. Strong,active person. working my way back from surgery. I too have
not beenable to have a doctor commit to trauma caused thyroid disease.
Just had EMG/NCV.done on left arm and neck. The doctor informed me at the
end of the test I had carple tunnel syndrom. I have never had this before.
But,I’ve never had Graves disease before either, so much involved every cell
cell in the body. I teach autistic children. I fear for the loss of my sight
and mental stability.I love my students and assumed I would return as
soon as i recouperated from surgery.One day at a time. Take care Sheila :D