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    That was a great note, really hit home here. Sensory overload is really an appropriate term for it. I usually can’t even get myself to stop and get the mail (in the boonies here, box is a mile away) ’cause there might be a bill and it will set me off. I can read something in the paper that I don’t like and it will ruin my day! Don’t want to face anything that might upset me.

    Luckily, I have a great wife who knows exactly how to handle me, and also when she needs to jump on me. She is just fine working, with me doing what I can to take care of her and the family (3 donkeys, 1 goat, 4 chickens, etc.) and it is great with her if I just have to do nothing for a few days. I think I’ll have to get her to post a message on what its been like for her the last few years.

    I have had a lot of great stuff come out of having this disease, most of it having to do with asking for, and getting support from my family and friends. I never knew how generous they could be! I have even had my rent paid for by anonymous donors when things were really bad.

    My motto is, if you’re gonna be sick and feel terrible, might as well have a good time doing it.