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Hi Joan,

Sorry that you’re having problems connecting to our IRC chat. I tried
your USER I.D. and everything seems to work o.k.

You mentioned “4 numbers it reads”? I’m not sure what numbers you’re
talking about unless it’s the “port numbers” (either 6667 or 7000).
(One item to note is that if you’re logging onto the internet using AOL, you
will need to use 7000 as your port number).

To connect to irc, you should use the USER I.D. that you received by
email and put this where your irc client asks for a “NICKNAME”. Make
sure all of the letters in the USER I.D. are lower-case since it is case
sensitive. As soon as you connect, our server will automatically
switch you to the nickname that you selected when you sign up for the

If you still are having problems after this, feel free to send me an
email at (I’ll be sure to get that one), telling me
what IRC client you use, and who your internet service provider is.
(The same goes for anyone else on the bulletin board, too!) :)

And just curious, since we didn’t receive any email from you…what
email address were you sending it to?

Hope this helps!


Annette Hensley