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    There is a silver lining for you. I was diagnosed with Graves almost 5 years ago in May 1991. I was extremely ill but once I got on the beta blockers, I felt immediately better( even thought my levels were still skewed). I started on PTU instead of the radioactive iodine because me and my husband were thinking of starting a family in the near future. The good news was, even though the doctors told me it would be a while for me to conceive because of the hormonal mess I was in (up to a year), I discovered I was pregnant in July–only 2 months after taking the PTU. I continued taking the PTU until I was about 16 weeks pregnant and then got off all meds. I delivered a whopping 9 pound 10 oz. healthy baby girl who is as normal and perfect as you can ask for! My Graves stayed in check until the spring of 1995. I then underwent iodine treatment in June 1995 (a very low dose and it was no big deal) and am now expecting another child in April. My levels are almost 98% normal and take PTU twice a day for now. Hope that shows you that even though you have this strange thing, you can have a normal life and wonderful children!

    Good luck and God bless!