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Jerry Lee Lewis once said it “Goodness Gratious GREAT BALLS OF FIRE” but
it doesn’t have to be that way. One major thing my eye doc told me and it
took awhile for me to realize it was true is what you do today will determine
how your eyes feel tomorrow. Lube your eyes at night. Use saran wrap if you
need to or tape your eyelids closed. Use drops at least every two hours as
a minimum. Most eye drops do well. Preservitive free ones work best. Bausch
and Lomb and Alcan both make excelent products. For really dry eyes the
best thing I found was Celuvisc. It’s like putting syrup in you eyes but
it works very well. It does make it hard to see for about the first 20 min.
or so but they work well.

Get to an eye doctor to see how much exposure there is in your eyes. An
easy self test is to look at your eyes in the mirror the first thing in
the morning. If you notice a distinct red area across the bottom of your
eyes and the red area has a good line between where it is red and where it
is not that will tell you that your eyes are not closing when you are asleep.
This will also tell you you did not use enough lube in yours eyes that night.

The same thing works during the day. if your eyes feel dry go look in
the mirror to see if you have the red area at the bottom of your eyes. This
will tell you your eyes do not close all the way when you blink. It also
tells you you are not using enough eye drops and you need to blink hard about
four times every twenty minutes or so to help keep the eyes wet. If you do
not take care of your eyes you could damage the corneas. Got to go back to work.

Jake George