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    Wow – I can’t beleive your doctors let you go for so long. I’ve been told
    that the PTU which I take (It must be similar to what you were given)
    does a great job in controlling everything – but it DOES promote
    osteoporosis. An over active thyroid is also a strain on your heart.
    I am getting the RAI on Nov. 5. I feel that to rid myself of this problem
    and all it’s bad side effects is worth a short period of adjustment.
    I have faith in my Endro that he will QUICKLY get me to NORMAL so I can
    just get past this! Take care of the problem – not the symptoms!

    As for the weight, if you are seeing a good Endocronologist, he should
    also have a dietitian on his staff to work with you.

    Good Luck