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    shan, With my insurence, I had a $1,000 deductable. That came up pretty fast, but I have had problems with them.
    I have the hospital send the insurence company a bill as well as myself. Then I just send them another copy. They do cover 80%
    now. They are a little slow, but the hospital knows they will get around to eventually.
    As far as not coving stuff, the only problem I had was when I went to an eye doctor. My endo had not felt it was relly urgent,
    but I make my living in film, on the field so I felt I had to. The insurence company did come around.
    I calmly reminded them that many problems come with GD. Wouldn’t it be better to keep on top of things, rather than letting
    them get out of control?

    I do hope your insurence company is reasonable and don’t put added stress on you.

    Good luck, Michelle D.