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    I Erica, I went thru thyroid storm 18 month ago and spent a few days in the hospital
    It’s pretty scary and I continue to taking the beta blockers even after taking the
    atomic cocktail 6 months ago. I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing consenting
    to that procedure. I put a message out earlier this week labeled “bedtime stories”
    I wished I’d found this support group last year. I wished I could tell you things
    are alot better but I’m still not able to exercise, always huffing and puffing from
    the exercise of doing anything. After the RAI treatment I had alot of trouble with my
    hands and right arm hurting and swelling. Do you still have palipatations? I’ve found
    that people who go thru thryroid storm have trouble adjusting to synthryoid because the
    medication makes the palipatations worsen for a couple months. I wonder if the what I
    went thru 18 months ago damaged my heart, haven’t gone to a heart specialist but intend
    to soon. Please ask as many questions as you can before the RAI treatment. If I had it
    to do all over again I may have tried some homopathic alternatives, herbs, vitamins, etc.
    Let me know how your doing. I’ve never found anyone that went thru what I did!