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    Hey, Dorie!

    Great news! I have no doubt that you will confirm the suspicion that you don’t have Graves disease. Did he tell you that thyroiditis has the results you had? That is much better to have because it goes away after a while. I should think that you have been away from the iodine long enough: I had taken supplements that had iodine in them, & the nuclear med doc didn’t want to do the test for 6 weeks, to be sure I was clear. My endo pushed it up to about 4 weeks, saying that I was running at such a high level I would had used up all the iodine. So my experience was with 2 different opinions by 2 knowledgable people. My scan showed about 70 percent, they showed me the pix which was an all dark thyroid. I said yay, & they said no, it should be kind of light gray, not black. Oh well. It looks like you are in for a few more tests, doesn’t it. My prayers for your good. Karen