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    I have had GD since 1979. I was not given any option except surgery. Now I understand surgery is only recommended as a last resort. I continually go from hyper to hypo and cannot seem to keep my levels constant. Reading this bulletin board has been like reading my own life story. The amazing thing is no docs have ever associated these syptoms to the GD. I thought I was going crazy. I have never been told to see an opthamologist and thought the doublevison I experience at times was just eye strain. I also have MVP and was told that was common in people with GD, has anyone else ever heard that??? Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Why aren’t doctors more informed about this disease???? I had one doc misread my labs when I was hypo and lowered my synthroid meds. Another doc put me on a beta blocker for MVP that was contradicted for patients with thyroid problems. Ended up in the hospital for several days. Have very little faith in medical community in dealing with this disease.