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My daughter was diagnosed with Graves Disease when she was 15 years old. It
had gone undiagnosed for two years and she was extremely sick. I know there
are many of you who understand what she went through better than I do.
She was one of the unusual ones who gained weight instead of losing it.
She also struggled and continues to struggle with feelings of un-
attractiveness. The fact is that her eyes look beautiful again and so
does she. The disease seems to seriosly affect a person’s self image and
I believe only those suffering from it can remind themselves that they are
each special to God and the people who love them. The good news is that
after a tremendous stuggle to regain her health, finish high school, and
to reestablish herself socially, Lisa is now a happy, 19 year old college
student. She can expect to live a long and healthy life and even have a
family some day. After two treatments of radioactive iodine she was able
to be stabalized and put on synthroid. You can overcome this disease.
I watched someone I love deeply suffer and survive. You can too!