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Thanks for the kinds words. This thyroid stuff is hard work! Yeah, the
scale dictates to me. Finding the time to work out is very hard so I
get up before everybody elso and run and/or bike. I’ve read many of the
other BB postings and empathize with those who find it difficult to work
with Graves. I was tempted to take a leave of absence a couple of
years ago after getting nuked ’cause I didn’t want to put the pounds back
on (needed to work out ~2 hrs day and cut calories to about 800) and
Graves was driving me crazy. I mentioned it to the boss who
said, “Well if you gain back the 130 lbs, just wear mumus.”
Some help he was. Well, I think I’ll put in a last few minutes on the
treadmill and hit the sack. Good Luck Suzanne and Ann.