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    Lisa, I think Ann N. hit the nail on the head. Unless people see
    a physical manifestation they think you are making it up/faking.
    Asthmatics and children with ADHD really suffer because of this. My own
    Mom thinks that ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder)is
    faked/bad parenting-even though brain studies show the differences
    between children with and without attention defecits. Other peoples’
    perceptions are their reality. Our jobs seem to be constantly educating
    other folks on the issues. The only suggestion I might have is hit them with
    the chemical and physical facts rather than how one feels. TSH levels,
    pulse rate/minute, blood work, give them a short article (use the Web).
    Point your friends to the Web and the Foundations. Smack ’em with facts.
    Know that lots of folks support you.