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    Yes Sirree Bob! I have the same problem. My oldest brother who’s a Colonel
    in the United States Air Force doesn’t believe that I have GD. He says that I’m actually faking these symptoms. He also started making stupid jokes about being “disabled”. My second brother is a teacher who understands some of the problems t hat I’m going through. He turned around and said “I’m sorry, but you’re just getting old, join the club”
    My neice thinks that if you have a noticeable deformity, then you are disabled (and her father thinks that She’s more mature than I will ever be..HA!)

    I wish they were a little bit supportive. But I have some other resources. Like this BB, a Social Worker who’s help I will never forget, some teachers who have the same interests as I do and
    my german shep-retriever-collie-mutt dog. I usually cry on him, but he doesn’t like it. It’s like when you tell him it’s bath time.. Well, gotta go back to school and observe overt behaviors.

    Ann N