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    Hi Bobbi. . .you are correct in assuming that going hypo won’t be that much fun! Quality of life has been much worse for me since that happened than at any time in this whole lousy process. That’s been over two months now, and for me the hypothalamus/pituitary mechanism that creates TSH has “gone to sleep” (common occurrence when you’ve been hyper, sometimes for several months). My endo says he has to make my replacement dose too low so this mechanism will sense the low levels and “wake up”. In the meantime, my thyroid seems to be dying some more, so when I’ve started to do better for awhile with replacement, I get worse again. But everyone’s different! Rachel had RAI nearly the same day I did (June ’96), and she’s been stabilized on replacement for some time now! (Sorry about the eyes flaring up again, Rachel!!!)

    Best wishes to you both, Bobbi and Lynn, for a rapid passage through the Post-RAI difficulties and on to returned health!
    Dianne N