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    Wow! This subject hits home to me! I have gained #70 since my RAI.(over four year adjustment period) Was 130 and now 199. Part of it is the depression that I never knew was related to the GD until I read this BB! In the past few months, I have gone back to my endo, pleaded for an increase in my synthroid (he finally agreed to this though he prefers to keep my blood levels at low normal) Anyway, I have increased my synthroid twice since this summer and the levels are still within normal, so this tells me that my body needed more! I have actually lost a few pounds in the past weeks so I think the increase in hormone has helped me there as well. What a vicious cycle it is when you are depressed, so you eat and gain weight, then try to squeeze into clothes!! It is enough to make any “normal” person depressed!! I am going to join you guys in an effort to lose some of this weight! Boy is it ever hard though. Debbie