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    Hi Kendra! Welcome to our GD family! I guess I call it a family because I’m in contact with this support group more than my own family. Here you will find good advice, good sources of info, a sounding board and shoulders to cry on, and sometimes even some good humor! :)

    Many of us understand where you’ve been and possibly where you’re headed. It would be worth your time to read old posts and reach out to those people who seem to share like symptoms and frustrations. So far, I haven’t had to personally deal with the weight gain and depression. I can only imagine how rough some days are for you. Other people have talked about meditation, changes in their diet, and visiting their endo for medication adjustments.

    There are answers out there, and there is always HOPE! If you haven’t already, contact the National Graves’ Disease Foundation and visit their site. Their URL is at the top of this BB. They have other links to GD info, also.

    Wishing you happiness and energy! Debby