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    When I was on PTU, due to a misunderstanding with my doctor, I took too
    much for about six weeks…or at least more than he wanted me to take.
    I was on beta blockers for heart symptoms, specifically was having chest
    pain. Saw doc about something else and he asked in passing how I was
    doing with the PTU. I was still having chest pains, so he told me to
    up my meds to four times/day instead of three. I increased both PTU
    *and* beta blockers. He noticed immediately when I had my next blood
    test and dropped me back to three times/day on the PTU. No harm done
    as far as I could tell except lowering my levels to low normal from
    mid-normal…maybe a little more tired than usual was all. Hope
    this helps.

    Sheila H.