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I originally was given a betablocker (back in late August), but had a bad reaction (due to the first doc
giving me a mega dose…it was terrifying). Yesterday, my Internist put me on a different
betablocker….so far, so good. Lowest possible dose. My Endo said if that didn’t cut it, he would up my
dose of PTU by 50 mg and that should help. My main goal is to be able to heave
the Xanax crap. Even in low doses I am convinced that it is too addictive…everytime
I cut back on it within two days I end up with insomnia, etc.

My Internist (who thought he could handle all of this without referring me to an Endo)
seemed a little “put-out” that I had taken matters in my own hands and seen an Endo on my
own. He was referring me to a Radiologist before he sent me to an Endo! I know he just
didn’t want to see me suffer any longer and he is a nice guy, but I didn’t mean to injure
his ego….and seeing an Endo was very important to me.

It rots being up at 4am, knowing you really want your body to cooperate and be
asleep in bed!!! I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight, then at 2am my baby woke up for a bottle
and at 4am my 3 yr old got up with a bad cold and needed medicine and crawled in
our bed, then at 5am I had to get up to give myself my PTU and my 8yr old her
seizure medicine. I did fall back asleep until 7. It’s like your body is so very
tired, but won’t cooperate by sleeping right.

Take care and have a happy Turkey day! Glynis