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    Glynis, I mentioned yesterday that my heart raced – still does at times, but nothing like before I was given this drug called Verapamil. It’s used as blood pressure medictation also, but mainly for controlling the heart beat. This was the first thing my endo did for me; said that I couldn’t be going around with l32 and above heart rates. I’ve been on it about l month now and do notice a difference – I still get a racing heart sometimes, but not like before. Perhaps you could mention this to your endo and stress how uncomfortable it is to have your heart racing.
    Also, I have asthma so I also cannot take beta blockers – this drug is different. It also helps me to sleep better. Before I was diagnosed
    I would feel my heart pounding late at night – when everything is supposed to be quieted down. But not at all now. Good luck!