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    I’ve been wondering about this topic, too. While on PTU, there was a brief period when I was off the beta blockers, feeling relatively good, and getting back to exercise, and a bit of normality. Then the symptoms came galloping back. My endo had blood work done, told me it was normal, and flat out told me that whatever the symptoms were coming from, it was “not my thyroid.” I have a couple of problems with this response, not the least of which is that she couldn’t tell me “where” it was coming from, or “why” it was identical to the symptoms that had me nagging, beggin and pleading for a diagnosis all summer.

    If anybody comes up with any information on any of the web sites about this topic, I would really love to read up on it. Are there studies that show that if your blood work is normal, you cannot have symptoms caused by the disease? That seems to be what my doctor was telling me.

    Given the doctors’ reliance on blood work to assure themselves that all is hunky dory, despite how we feel, this makes me just a bit nervous.