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Hi Debbie,

It was great to hear from you! I never had eye surgery. I had originally
been told that my eyes would “go back to normal” after treatment. They did
go down, but have remained puffy and bloodshot-I am always being told that
I look tired! I am sensitive to light, and am careful not to go out without
sunglasses. I also suffer from dry eye. I use artificial tears, which helps a lot.
a lot- I was geting broken blood vessels in my eye, and little sharp pains
inside the eye-that scared me until I spoke to an opthamologist! the pains
were tiny blood vessels breaking, and the artificial tears seem to ease
that problem. (By the way, the dry eye started a few years ago-I guess it’s
a long term side effect from the Graves)

I considered surgery mostly for cosmetic reason, but decided that it was
silly to do it for reasons of vanity.

How long did it take for the Graves to be diagnosed? Do they feel you will
need more surgery?