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    I just went through reading all the messages about Tapazole in the last week
    or so and just wanted to add some comments. I was on 30mg/day for awhile,
    then 20mg/day. After being irresponsible and stopping, I was okay for several
    months. Then it came back. According to my doctor, this can continue to
    happen over the course of one’s life. I don’t like that idea. That’s why I
    decided to go for radioactive iodine, which I haven’t done yet. I just had
    the uptake test done the other day… Anyway, I read in a message that
    someone was taking 40mg/day. I don’t want to freak anyone out, but according
    to two medical books I found in a bookstore (Nurses’s companions, etc), any
    dose over 30mg/day is considered an overdose and can be very hazardous to
    your health, so if anyone is taking that much, you might want to just ask
    your doctor to make sure you’re okay…

    I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been looking for support for this
    infuriating disease for awhile now. Thanx for all the help…