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    People can be really insensitive, can’t they? I had such problems with insomnia, anxiety,
    etc. I was missing ALOT of our normal family activities. One day while my husband was
    at church with the girls without me, someone asked him where I was. He replied about how
    miserable I was feeling etc, to which the person made a snotty comment about hyperthyroidism
    not being that bad and what kind of life was that. My husband politely asked him if he should
    just take me out and shoot me! I’m still taking care of three kids, mountains of laundry,
    piles of dishes, etc, etc. I can’t even imagine what combining that with a fulltime job would be like.
    Anyone who is doing that to deserves a monument built in their honor!

    The beta blocker I started taking last week is making a WORLD of difference. My anxiety
    problems were mostly precipitated by the racing, skipping heart thing which is now under
    control. Yipee. Maybe I’ll have a little of my life back! Glynis