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    Hi Caroline,
    This BB is great, or should I say the people on the BB are great!
    I know what your going through. I was diagnosed 5 years ago, and sometimes
    I still want to tear my hair out! I was in perfect health also, then
    GD came my way, I had RAI shortly after I was diagnosed, There was
    nothing to it really( for me anyway ) I had to isolate myself for a
    week,couldn’t be around people, I had to send my boyfriend packing to stay
    with his parents until the radiation was completely finished doing it’s job
    on me. RAI was the easy part for me, I have the eye disease also,
    Did you luck out in that department? I hope you did.
    And don’t feel bad about your friends,it’s hard for people to understand,
    unless they have GD themselves, sure my friends still don’t get it!
    Well I wish you all the best, hope things turn out great.
    Take good care,