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    To Bobbie: I have graves disease and did radioiodine treatment a year ago this month. My endocrinologist told me that the RAI only takes care of your hyperthyroid problem. Your hyperthryoid problem is only a SYMPTOM of graves disease not the cause of it. I believe there will contine to be antithyroid antibodies in your system, however, they just can’t attack your thyroid any
    And yes, you are right, there are many, many autoimmune diseases out there, and your family members, related by blood, have a higher incidence of these.
    This is one aspect of my autoimmune disease that worrys me. Some other autoimmune diseases that are common are diabetes, ms, lupus, crones disease, (I think).
    Anyone who has children should keep an eye on them for thyroid problems.

    There is a great book called “Your Thyroid” that is very, very informative and one of the best books on thyroid problems that I have read. I can’t remember the author right now, but if anyone wants it, I’ll get it.